Stop sending Ethiopian asylum seeking journalists to Kality: Johan Persson

First of all I would like to thank Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye for living up to your promises you made to our colleagues at Kality’s prison. Persson made the above call to the Swedish migration authorities at the annual grand Swedish journalists prize ceremony held yesterday evening here in Stockholm which was organized by the Bonnier AB. Persson was honorary speaker at the event and used the platform
to espouse the plights of prisoners of conscious in Ethiopia and exiled Ethiopian journalist in Sweden while his colleague did the same thing in Vienna, Austria at UNESCO’s conference held to discuss about the safety of journalists in conflict zones. Sweden fought to bring two of its brave journalists who had been sentenced to 11 years for allegedly assisting terrorists groups were later “pardoned” last September. But at the same time there are many journalists like me whose asylum requests were denied and being requested by the migration board to go back to Ethiopia. Many of my fellow country men/women except Mesfin Negash didn’t attend this grand event because they are scared and this might jeopardize their asylum process. This is what Persson and Schibbye are fighting against for.


2 comments on “Stop sending Ethiopian asylum seeking journalists to Kality: Johan Persson

  1. write more on corruption and land grabb and human abusement

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