Kaffa woman smile – Ethiopia

Kaffa woman smile – Ethiopia

She was making her new hairstyle…. Kaffa people are named after the Kingdom of Kaffa which was a state in what is now Ethiopia. This old kingdom (which capital city was Bonga) was actually inhabited by four main ethnic subgroups. Kaffa (or Kafficho) refers to the common omotic language these people spoke when they lived under the Kingdom s rule and that they still speak nowadays. Even if there are difference between subdivisions they constitute a rather substantial ethnic group. Since these times are known as farmers growing coffee and cotton, Bonga the former capital of the kingdom is nowadays famous around the world for its coffee. Kaffa people are christian since the 16th century, when christianity became the state religion of the former kingdom (whereas people of the area were rather muslim before). Kaffa is also the name of a province created during the reorganization of the provinces in 1942, the former kingdom was enlarged by the addition of a number of other kingdoms from the Gibe region to become Kaffa Province. This province was created, following the liberation of Ethiopia from Italian occupation. As a result the Kingdom of Kaffa, which was conquered by Menelik II of Ethiopia in 1897, gave its the name to the new province, while the Kingdom of Jimma, an old rival to Kaffa, gave its name to the capital city.


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  1. Thanks for the info.Manonna.Warafa Kaffii Busho.

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