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Ethiopia: Jailed hero journalist Woubshet Taye off to Zeway death camp

The Horn Times News 20 April 2013 by Getahune Bekele, South Africa

As the unpopular, corrupt and  inefficient   minority  junta continues to govern the police state Ethiopia with brute ironJailed hero journalist Woubshet Taye  hand, dealing ruthlessly with political prisoners and jailed journalists whom it blames for causing  the late despot Meles Zenawi’s “ untimely” death; Ethiopian political prisoners have fallen on hard times filled with dread and terror.

The former Editor of Awramba Times, Wubeshet Taye is the latest Prisoner to be sent to Zeway death camp to serve the remaining time  of his 14 years sentence away from his family, with the likes of Bekele Gerba, Albana Lelisa and several others who are already condemned to the notorious facility.

Chained in leg iron and carrying his belongings in tiny bag, hundreds of curios inmates at Kilinto prison watched the young scribe taken away by more than 20 TPLF soldiers on Tuesday morning April 16 2013.

A friend of the terrorized journalist confirmed to the Horn Times that Woubshet Taye is currently in Zeway, still in leg iron like all political prisoners.

The 2011 trial of Woubshet Taye was at the time described unfair and was way below the international fair trial standard under the controversial and draconian anti-terrorism law designed to persecute and silence dissenting voices.

The Horn Times franticly tried to talk to TPLF officials in charge of prison administration to find out the reason behind sending opposition prisoners particularly Ethnic Oromos and the Amharas to Zeway during the known malaria season, but none of them were willing to reply including the office of the man himself, warlord Berket Simeon.


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