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Ethiopia: Jailed hero journalist Woubshet Taye off to Zeway death camp

The Horn Times News 20 April 2013 by Getahune Bekele, South Africa As the unpopular, corrupt and  inefficient   minority  junta continues to govern the police state Ethiopia with brute iron hand, dealing ruthlessly with political prisoners and jailed journalists whom it blames for causing  the late despot Meles Zenawi’s “ untimely” death; Ethiopian political prisoners have fallen on […]

Ethiopians in Norway Chased TPLF Ambassador

Norway police stopped meeting in Tasta Bydelshus Source: Aftenbladet The police came out with three cars and six policemen and stopped a meeting of Tasta bydelshus where the atmosphere was becoming so very irritably among the more than 300 Ethiopian origin attendees. The 300 attendees were Ethiopian asylum seekers or people with Ethiopian background. The police […]

Ethiopian journalist Reeyot Alemu wins 2013 UNESCO-Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize

Imprisoned Ethiopian journalist Reeyot Alemu has won the 2013 UNESCO-Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize. Reeyot was recommended by an independent international jury of media professionals in recognition of her “exceptional courage, resistance and commitment to freedom of expression,” UNESCO said in a press release on Tuesday. The Jury took note of Reeyot Alemu’s contribution to numerous […]

Obama Vows Justice for Those Responsible for Boston Attacks

President Barack Obama speaks at the White House in, following the explosions at the Boston Marathon, April 15, 2013. WHITE HOUSE — President Barack Obama has vowed to bring to justice to whoever was responsible for the explosions in Boston Monday that killed at least two people and wounded many others.   President Obama says he […]

Boston Marathon: Two bombs exploded after Ethiopian Desisa crossed the finish line

BOSTON (AP) — Two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon finish line Monday two hours after Ethiopian Lelisa Desisa and Rita Jeptoo crossed it to win the race. Two people were killed and dozens injured, and authorities said they were investigating another blast at the John F. Kennedy Library five miles away. Race volunteers and […]

ሲፒጄ ስለርዕዮት ዓለሙ ሥጋቱን ገለፀ

በምኅፃር ሲፒጄ እየተባለ የሚጠራው የጋዜጠኞች ደኅንነት ተሟጋች ኰሚቴ (Committee to Protect Journalists – CPJ)፣ በአሸባሪነት ተከሳ ቃሊቲ ወህኒ ቤት ታሥራ ያለችው ጋዜጠኛና አስተማሪ ርዕዮት ዓለሙ ከማረሚያ ቤቱ ባለሥልጣናት “ወከባና ማስፈራራት ይደርስባታል” ሲል ስጋቱን አስታውቋል። ሲፒጄ ይህን ስጋቱን የገለፀው ለኢትዮጵያው የፍትህ ሚኒስትር ብርሃን ኃይሉ  በፃፈው ደብዳቤ ነው። የርዕዮት ዓለሙ ሰብዓዊ መብቶች እየተጣሱ መሆናቸውን የገለፀው የሲፒጄ ደብዳቤ […]

በአማራ ተወላጆቸ ላይ እየተወሰደ ያለውን እርምጃ በመቃወም በኖርዎይ የኢትዬጵያ አብዬታዊ ፓርቲ እና በኖርዎይ የዲሞክራሲ ለውጥ የተጠራ አስቸኴይ ስብሰባ

በአማራ ተወላጆቸ ላይ እየተወሰደ ያለውን እርምጃ በመቃወም በኖርዎይ የኢትዬጵያ አብዬታዊ ፓርቲ እና በኖርዎይ የዲሞክራሲ ለውጥ የተጠራ አስቸኴይ ስብሰባ Posted by: Kumilachew