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No one can be truly free in Ethiopia unless ALL Ethiopians are free!!!!!

From Message to the people Movement: the SMNE Principles are spreading as you can see in the pictures below. Every revolution in history follows a simple framework. A set of principles that make it possible.

Our SMNE core values must be built on two compelling philosophical principles: 1) Our humanity must always rise above our ethnicity, nationality, religiosity, Africanity or Ethiopianity. 2) No one can be truly free in Ethiopia unless ALL Ethiopians are free. If we subscribe to these two core principles, open our minds and hearts and collectively pull together, we will soon find ourselves in a win-win situation.

We love sharing these principles, values, attitudes and the other ideas that we believe will lead to a change of thinking within Ethiopian society, without which we will continue to repeat the same mistakes of the past.

What we believe and practice makes a difference in our cultural, political and economic outcomes. What we have had in the past has led to destruction, hatred, division, sabotage, deceit, subterfuge, greed, power-grabbing, oppression, poverty, serial dictatorships and the marginalization or dehumanization of “others.”


Posted By: Kumilachew

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