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Fighting for Humanity

Changing our focus to a national one, where “no one ethnic group or Killil (region) is free unless all are free” goes beyond being a political problem. It is about the survival of all of us Ethiopian and because of that, it cannot be done by one political leader, by one ethnic group, one political party or by one human rights advocate, but must be done by many of us doing it one person at a time to another.

Each of us Ethiopian must declare ourselves advocates and start talking to others and following the steps to resolve our conflicts and divisions. This is why humanity must come before ethnicity, because otherwise we will place obstacles in our way that could otherwise be easily removed.

The attitude that will free all of us is to value every human being as being worthy of respect, basic rights and dignity, simply because God created them in the same way He did each of us. If you want respect, basic rights and dignity for yourself, first give it to others. This is a principle for success. Our Ethiopian society will be transformed if we demonstrate that we genuinely care about the well being and happiness of others—because “until all are free, none are free.”

God’s principles, which established these universal rules from the beginning of time, are those same principles that will reap great benefits for any society that practices them. Are you willing to become part of the clay that forms that kind of society? Are you dreaming of “a land where peace and prosperity flourish”


Posted By: Kumilachew

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