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Stop violence against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

To be delivered to: Greg Wangerin, UNHCR- Executive Director, Charles DeSantis, UNHCR- Board of Directors chair, Amnesty International USA, Amnesty, The Ohio State House, The Ohio State Senate, Governor John Kasich, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama

Recently the number of violence and horrific act against immigrants in Saudi Arabia especially Ethiopians has been off the chart. Witnesses and video footage uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube shows how much the level violence is escalated. The so called police and military of Saudi Arabia has been noted killing or beating immigrants to near death situation. Some immigrants who are arrested in Saudi Arabia had been called the voice of America radio program so that world to be aware of the gross human right abuse in Saudi Arabia. I strongly urge everybody to sign this petition so that we can alert the Governments of our countries, the Ethiopian Government, the united Nations, and Human right organizations such as Amnesty International and so on


Posted By: Kumilachew


One comment on “Stop violence against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

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