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Ethiopians protest against Saudi Arabia Washington DC


The indignation of Ethiopians for abuses by police and militia in Saudi Arabia caused reactions in different parts of the world.thousands of people in Washington protested outside the Saudi embassy. Thousands of Ethiopian immigrants outraged protested outside the Saudi embassy Arabia in Washington, so consider barbaric treatment against their fellow immigrants at the hands of the police in that country already has left three dead Ethiopians. ‘s outrage comes in the wake of the abuse and brutality with which they are treated Ethiopian immigrants who are subject to harassment and murders not only the police but also Saudi citizens. Escalating violence against immigrant workers, triggered as a result of the expiration of the amnesty to regularize their situation. Thousands of immigrants have been arrested and many others were deported. social networks are filled with images of torture, rape and police brutality against the undocumented.manifestations have increased in several countries around the world, the protest in Washington, aims alert the U.S. government.Ethiopian Protesters demand not only an end to violence against their compatriots, they also make a call to the international community for the Riyadh regime accountable for the violation of HR



One comment on “Ethiopians protest against Saudi Arabia Washington DC

  1. Today the blood of innocent Ethiopians colors Arab streets. Let there be no doubt that their blood will not be spilled in vain.

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