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None of us Africans are free until we all are Free!

Ethnic and religious based killing is destroying lives and futures of Africans. Please speak out for your fellow African! None of us Africans are free until we all are Free!

All of us, Africans must speak for each other, not only for our own ethnic group or our own country, or our own country but for our African people everywhere. When their human rights are violated, ours are violated. When something is going on in your local areas, it is up to those in the area to speak up.

The narrow-minded politicians and their ethnic/religious hatred promoters know how to play “favorites” with people in various ethnic or religious groups, getting them to do their dirty deeds against fellow Africans.

Right now, the people of South Sudan and Central African Republic are feeling very alone as they face this men made crisis—the same as many other African groups that when targeted with violence, find no protection from their own governments.

Let us Africans come together in solidarity to speak out for them. Our children, families, communities and our society may suffer and judge us for our wrongful actions at this critical time in our history or if we rise up with new passion for what is right, we will most certainly leave a legacy of blessing to our descendants.

This does not mean that there are not numerous reasons for legitimate complaints against the others, but murder, destruction and robbery will never bring peace or resolution to the problems between people so that we can move on.

We need the concerted effort of many to make a difference and that effort should be well-organized in anticipation of such crises as the South Sudan and Central African Republic are now facing. In order to exert the most power and influence, we African need a strong Pan-Africans institution that can speak out against such violence and injustice towards any Africans in our multi-ethnic society and one that also promotes tolerance between diverse ethnic and religious groups.

Africans must become aware that we will all benefit from establishing a strong multi-ethnic, African institution that can speak for everyone. We must step out of this life-consuming cycle into a society known to revere life and liberty













Posted By: Kumilachew Gebremeskel Ambo

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