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The SMNE calls on all,,,,,,,

296150_185922478146479_2632721_n (1)The SMNE http://www.solidaritymovement.org , calls on all Ethiopians, international aid organizations and nations providing key support to Ethiopia, members of the United Nation, World Bank, IMF and other international decision makers, foreign investors, financial institutions and the business community, civic organizations, social justice groups and the religious community to do its share in addressing the international violations of the rights of indigenous people to their land as documented in the new report by Human Rights Watch regarding the people of the Lower Omo Valley.

The SMNE is a non-violent, non-political grassroots social justice movement of diverse Ethiopians which seeks to hold the one-party, ethnic apartheid, authoritarian regime of TPLF/EPRDF accountable for rampant violations of Ethiopian and international laws; in this case, for the contravention of indigenous land rights, the accompanying human rights abuses and the illegal expropriation of land.

The injustice being perpetrated by the ethnic apartheid regime, against the people of the Omo Valley cannot be ignored. When other people are affected, we are all affected. When they are deprived of their land, we are deprived. They are not alone; nor are others throughout the country who are experiencing the same.

This is why the SMNE puts our shared humanity before our differences of ethnicity, culture, region, religion, viewpoint or any other part of our identity that has caused us to ignore the suffering of other Ethiopians in the past. If we are to build a New Ethiopia, our worldview must broaden to include people outside our own “tribe.”

In a newly released report by Human Rights Watch, provides extensive documentation regarding the Ethiopian government’s plans to forcibly displace over 200,000 indigenous people from the Lower Omo Valley from their land—the Mursi, Bodi (Mekan), Muguji (Kwegu), Kara (Karo), Hamer, Bashada, Nyangatom and Daasanach—without consultation, consent or compensation; all violations of the Ethiopian Constitution and international laws. Resistance is already being met with intimidation, harassment and human rights abuses by government security forces. Please let us do something about this.

If we really believe in the principles of peace, equality, freedom, justice, prosperity and loving humanity, we can work towards the real transformation of our society. Let it begin with you! Do your “Dirsha”!

May God bring peace, justice, freedom, morality and most of all—to ALL our beloved people and country of Ethiopia!

Obang Metho's photo.
Obang Metho's photo.

Posted By: Kumilachew Gebremeskel Ambo 


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