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Oromo community from different places in Europe protests against The Ethiopian regime  (EPRDF) TPLF SECURITY FORCES on master plan of city expansion around Finnfine and killing oromo students non violent citizen in Ethiopia on 9th May 2014 in Oslo Norway

An Oromo community rallies at the Oslo Norway to raise awareness for the recent clashes between the Ethiopian government military and Oromo students. Ethiopian students from universities, colleges, and high schools organized peaceful protests against on master plan of city expansion around Finnfine, that will displace thousands of Oromo families and farmers by selling the land to foreign investors for development. The military brutality led to over 70 deaths and hundreds of injuries in several cities in Oromo regions.

Protestors hope to secure humanitarian intervention to the Oromo regions where the military is crushing civilian resistance towards land grabbing.

Posted by: Kumilachew Gebremeskel Ambo

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