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Medrek Party Holds Demonstration in Addis Ethiopian


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Federal Democratic Unity Forum (Medrek Party) holds a demonstration in Addis today.


In the demonstration, the party’s supporters have travelled from Genfile river bridge via India embassy and Adwa bridge to Yeka subcity woreda 08’s special location called tabot maderia. The demonstrators have aired slogans like; Let EPRDF open its door for peaceful discussion, We will build Ethiopia together, Press Freedom should be respected, Let jailed journalists and politicians be free, Let there be good governance, Let problems of water, electricity and telephone services be solved.


At the conclusion of the demonstration, the party’s deputy chairman Ato Goytom Tsegaye and General Secretary of the party Ato Gebru Gebremariam have delivered their speech. In their speech they have asked for the ruling EPRDF to answer the questions they have raised. Besides to this they have asked for public participation and dialogue on the integrated Addis Ababa’s Master plan.

Posted by:Kumilachew Gebremeskel Ambo

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