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No one will benefit from us killing ourselves

Let us refuse to make our ethnic groups or ourselves enemies of each other. No one will benefit from us killing ourselves. I am not saying that we do not have a problem or I would not be calling for a “new Ethiopia” where humanity comes before ethnicity and freedom will only come when we are all free, but these attitudes will not be corrected by violence but through acknowledging God-given principles regarding the value of every person and our failure in the past to live up to these principles.

If we acknowledge our responsibility for the negative things of the past, we will be more able to move on to a different future. Look at what has happened in America. Americans have moved from being a nation where half lived free to a nation where all are free, even choosing a black minority to be the president and commander in chief of their nation.

If you wish for something better for your family or your ethnic group, do not be manipulated by anyone preaching ethnic hatred. Think for yourselves and then get out and do what is right. Believe in what we can do together to advance peace, security and reconciliation. Get out and work in solidarity.

Think more strategically rather than to emotionally react in a predictable way; all in line with ethnic apartheid policy of the TPLF











By Obang Metho

Posted by: Kumilachew Gebremeskel Ambo

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