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Will Ethiopia’s strategic position in Africa be used for good or for ill?

I’m very disappointed at President Barack Obama’s remarks that Ethiopia has a “democratically elected government”. President Obama made the comment on Monday during a news conference with PM Hailemariam Desalegn of Ethiopia, whose ethnic apartheid ruling party won every seat in parliament in May 24 elections. Will Ethiopia’s strategic position in Africa be used for […]

ኦባማ የአፍሪካን ገዢዎች እያዋዛ ደቆሳቸው!

ኦባማ በአፍሪካ ኅብረት ያደረገው ንግግር ብዙ ጥያቄዎችን መልሷል፤ የኦባማ ጉብኝት ያስከተለው ጫጫታ ሁሉ መልስ አገኘ፤ የሰው ልጆች በመሀከላቸው ምንም ዓይነት የአድልዎ ልዩነት ሳይደረግባቸው በሰውነታቸው ብቻ በተፈጥሮ ያገኙትን ክብራቸውንና ሞገሣቸውን አስከብረው መኖር እንዳለባቸው በአጽንኦት ተናገረ፤ ዛሬ የአሜሪካኑ ፕሬዚደንት ያደረገው ንግግር ከፕሬዚደንትና ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ጀምሮ እስከ ፖሊሶች፣ መርማሪዎችና አዛዦቻቸው፣ እስከጦር ኃይሉና አዛዦቻቸው፣ አስከዓቃብያነ ሕግና ዳኞች፣ እስከወህኒ ቤት […]

Freed Ethiopian journalist risks it all to speak out

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Three Ethiopian journalists were released from prison three weeks ago, ahead of President Obama’s visit to the African nation. They are just some of victims who dared to criticize their government and went to prison for it. Now, the three are speaking about that repression and one is willing to risk […]

President Obama to Africa: ‘No one should be president for life’

Barak Obama — addressing the African Union (AU) today: “If a leader says he is the only one who can hold the country together, then that leader has failed to build their nation…Nobody should be president for life. A country is better off with new blood and new ideas.” “I don’t understand why people want […]