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A Grand Strategy for a new Ethiopia Must Be Developed Now! Right now!!!

A Grand Strategy for a new Ethiopia Must Be Developed Now!
Right now, all of the serious problems facing the ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF/EPRDF are accumulating exponentially. What that means is that they are apt to reach a tipping point where everything could explode. It is impossible to know what the right triggers maybe, but it is clear there are many warning signs.

We are in a very dangerous position and we must start preparing so that our country does not fall into greater chaos, suffering and violence—something that would make recovery horribly difficult. Reviving Ethiopia will already be an immensely difficult challenge. We do not want to make it worse by being unprepared.

To date, no one political group has come forth with a grand strategy for Ethiopia should this TPLF regime fall. We know what has gone wrong, but do we know how to correct it and how to address the immediate needs of the Ethiopian people for law and order, food, emergency health care, clean water and protection?

Do we know how to prevent ethnic violence, revenge and chaos from breaking out, particularly in light of the great stresses and frustrations of hunger, inflation, injustice, displacement and repression that the people have been enduring for the last 24 years?

Do we know how to engage the institutions of Ethiopian society in embracing the people and providing needed structure and direction during a time of upheaval? These are only the first needs to be addressed immediately. Many layers of less critical, but yet vitally important issues will require careful thought, planning and subsequent action as well.

More complaining and focusing on the TPLF/EPRDF will not give us the kind of preparation we need; neither will the formation of another group. Yet, no one is stepping up to organize this effort and when people have tried, no one seems to listen possibly because they want to be the ones to do it.

This failure to move ahead may be because of jealousy, disagreement, sabotage, lack of focus on developing a vision or because of intimidation and obstructionism on the part of the ethnic apartheid regime to any opposition parties. Regardless, we must make every attempt to go forward anyway. We do not have the luxury of waiting and must simply do the hard work of developing a strategy, regardless of the obstacles before us.

That is what I am now proposing must be done with great urgency. This is not the first time we have called on Ethiopians to create a greater non-political movement that will push forward a national strategy for the advancement, security and reconciliation of Ethiopians under one umbrella organization.

We called for this as far back as when the Kinijit leaders were still in prison and again after they were released—even before their division that led to destroying much of the hope of the Ethiopians people.

Let us put aside all that might separate or distract us and stand together as one. May God empower and guide us!

by Obang Metho

Posted by Kumilachew ambo

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