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What stability would it be? A stability based on terror?

kumilachewOn the 11th of march, a great and peaceful demonstration was   held in the city of Oslo, Norway. This demonstration has been held in many different countries as well, as of Sweden, Germany, USA, Australia and Canada.

The current, killing, jailing, torture and detention that is going on in Ethiopia (highly in Oromia regions), has led the population both in and out of Ethiopia to be furious and unstable.

Political activists, many citizens of Norway, and people from different nationalities have attended the demonstration in Oslo.

Karl Eldar Evang, psychologist and psychoanalyst, has held a speech that addressed the ongoing unrest and and problems in Ethiopia. He has mentioned the disturbing fact that the international media have also been addressing, which is about the killing of mothers and kids, young students by the current government of Ethiopia.

Among the organizations that are condemning the current government’s inhuman deeds and the devastating situation in Ethiopia, HRW, Amnesty International are the ones.

In addition, The Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Dr Tewodros Adhanom and The Norwegian Ministry of Justice, Joran Kallemyr after a meeting in Ethiopia, He addressed that Ethiopia is economically and Politically stable.

While Ethiopia is going under a great depression and unrest, Joran Kallmyr’s information has left many to feel very furious.

As Karl Eldar Evang responded saying; Does Killing innocents kids considered as Stability? Does killing students, mothers, and innocent citizens considered to be stability? Is land grabbing by force a stability? Is terrorizing the population a stability?…Karl Edgar Evang closed his speech by  strongly addressing and underlining that there is no peace , political and economical stability in Ethiopia.

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